Flash Intern 动画制作实习 德国RIB建筑软件有限公司
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This role is of E-learning department, focus on our product iTWO training, we need someone who is good at Adobe Flash. 
动画制作实习生负责全球化知名建筑软件产品iTWO的在线版本培训教材,在线版本部分需要Flash制作,要求实习生熟悉Adobe Flash或愿意自学.

What we could offer?  RIB可以提供:
1. Co-working with international professionals from ERP, IT, BIM, construction to involve in worldwide international construction management project; 
1. 国际化工作环境,与全球各地各业精英合作,提升职业素养和职场技能
2. Bring innovative 5D construction process to the industry; 
2. 接触全球最先进的建筑技术,5D和BIM技术
3. Work together with World No.1 consultant company McKinsey Company; 
3. 与知名咨询公司麦肯锡合作

What talents we are looking for? 要求
1. Bachelor degree with great interest in E-learning; 
2. Proficient with Adobe Flash; 
2. 熟悉Adobe Flash
3. Able to work in an international environment with basic English; 
3. 能适应英语工作环境
4. Fast Learner with open mindset; 
4. 学习能力强,适应能力强
5. Strong potential leadership, good communication and learning capability,excellent in problem analysis and solving skill. 
6. Working more than 3 days per week. 

New Technology, New Thinking and New Working Method, we are leading an unprecedented revolution in construction industry!
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